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Let's Get It (Together)

About Us

Get Time Back On Your Side. 

*Say goodbye to double-booking your calendar, writer's block on copy for literally everything, missed deadlines, chaotic cloud storage, mismanaged finances, lost passwords, and hours spent on research that could’ve been spent growing your biz.

You decided to work for yourself to gain some freedom, right?

Maybe you thought that being your own boss meant you would:

  • work fewer hours (not more);

  • spend quality time with your partner, your kids, and your friends;

  • relax on the beach, in a massage chair, or on a plane;

  • enjoy more nights out, mornings off, and afternoons happily spent, well, living a full life.

Some quick math for ya:

24 hours in a day x 7 days = 168 hours

8 hours of sleep x 7 days = 56 hours

According to INC, over 25% of small business owners work more than 60 hours per week! Where the **** did all that freedom go?!

The secret's out: everyone needs an assistant.

And that overflowing and unkempt to-do list of yours shouldn’t be keeping you from making kick-ass sales left and right!

Sound like you?  Not for long.

A few of the stellar companies we've worked with

Everything you want for your business:            

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The results you're looking for:

"I was looking for someone who was highly SKILLED and could work quickly with new technology while producing QUALITY work. After we talked through his level of experience and I saw that Alexander could help with managing several aspects of operations and clerical administration, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn't afford to pass up. If you need competence, organization, and professionalism, STOP YOUR SEARCH! I can offer no higher recommendation than Alexander. Alexander is the epitome of joy and excellence."

Dr. Tiffany E. Slater
CEO and Senior HR Consultant
HR TailorMade
John Muir Trail 2021.jpeg

My name is Alexander Agent.

(yes, that's my real last name)

I'm a Systems, Organization, and Automation Expert.


I started Pain in the Assistant because I— like you— wanted to generate as big of an impact as possible in my community and in the world-at-large (anddd calling myself “boss” isn’t so bad either!). 😉


So I bought a standing desk, made a ~cute~ latte ☕️ (then second, then third, then fourth, and so on) with my godsend Nespresso machine, and got to work crafting a company culture that fit my queer-AF mold and a business strategy that I’ve implemented and seen work at several other companies.

Alexander on Mt. Whitney.jpeg

Hiking 200 miles in 15 days, finishing at the highest elevation in the contiguous USA.

📍 Mt. Whitney, 14,505' 


Running a marathon in the second hilliest city on the planet? Yeah, I did that. 😅

📍 San Francisco, CA

We're not like other VA agencies. 💁‍♂️ 
And we can prove it.

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Get Your Assistant in Gear


Password Security.png

Password Security

Time & Calendar Management

Digital Storage Organization.png

Digital Storage

Web Design

Graphic Design.png

Graphic Design


Marketing and Social Media.png

Marketing & Social Media

Business Strategy 

Project Management.png

Project Management


Meet the Team


While Cecil is the showrunner of Pain in the Assistant...

Cecil Jerle Agent HS.jpg


Mascot and Emotional Support Lead

We operate as a boutique agency, meaning our team works together to offer you the highest level of client work and customer service, ensuring that your to-do list stays clean and that every deliverable gets double- and triple-checked to achieve the top-tier quality you’ll come to know and love.

Edit-13 (2).jpg

Alexander Agent

Founder and Systems, Organization, and Automation Expert

Eliza Hill HS.jpeg

Eliza Hill

Research, Education, and Customer Support Specialist

Jade Peart HS.jpeg

Jade Peart

Copywriter, Hospitality, and Public

Relations Specialist

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

How does this work?

Step 01

Check out our services and put together your own one-of-a-kind package, or hire us by the hour. When you apply to work with us, we'll go over every detail. You won't be disappointed. 

Step 02

Using LastPass, securely provide us with access to the software we’ll need to get shakin’. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we make your life easier and begin to improve the systems you already have in place.

Step 03

Take a step back, and smile at your empty ‘To-Do’ List. Go celebrate with ice cream (and splurge on a waffle cone to keep the ball rolling with all the excellent choices you’re making lately!).🍦

Image by laura adai

You know who we are. Now, see what we can do.

Aha! We've made our way to the crossroads. Sometimes a decision is the exact kick-in-the-rear that we need. There are no wrong choices as long as we make progress.


Contact us if you have any questions, or you can buckle-down (or buckle-up, depending on what’s motivated you to come this far) and take the first step to regain your freedom as an entrepreneur.

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